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Glossary of Terms

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No doubt, terrorist mullahs are liabilities to their communities!

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  • a.k.a./aka: Also known as


  • FBI: Federal Bureau of Investigation



  • Ibn: Arabic for "son of" (Arabic: إبن)
  • Ibnat: Arabic for "daughter of" (Arabic: إبنة)
  • ICI: The Islamic Counterterrorism Institute
  • Inshallah: Also spelled as insha'Allah. Arabic for God willing (Arabic: إنشاء الله).


  • Kafer or Kafir: An Arabic Qur'anic expression, which means "one who rejects God" as in the One God of Abraham, PBUH.
  • Kitabi: Arabic for "for follower of the [holy] book." This terms applies to the members of the Jewish and Christian faiths. In Islam, Jews and Christian are considered as "People of the Book."


  • PBUH: Peace be upon him/her
  • PBUH&HF: Peace be upon him and his family; also, in the case of Imam Mahdi, Peace be upon him and his forefathers.
  • PBUH&T: Peace be upon him and them
  • PBUT: Peace be upon them