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Hassan Abou Ghaida

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No doubt, terrorist mullahs are liabilities to their communities!

Hassan Abou Ghaida, Ph.D.[1] (Arabic: حسن أبو غيدا) is a very highly active member of Shia Association of Bay Area (Saba Islamic Center), the extremist Judeophobic[2] pro-Hezbollah[3] Khomeinist organization based in San Jose, California. Dr. Abou Ghaida has been involved with SABA since his relocation to the Bay Area after graduating from the University of California, Davis (UC Davis). He has served in a variety of roles at SABA. He taught at its Sunday madrassa and participated in the preparation of its curriculum. He has also served one term on the SABA Board of Trustees.[4] Dr. Abou Ghaida is currently a member of the SABA Board of Advisors.

الدكتور حسن أبو غيدا
هداه الله
Dr. Hassan Abou Ghaida

Dr. Abou Ghaida, an Islamist orator, has given numerous speeches at SABA.

Dr. Abou Ghaida resides along with his wife and four sons in Cupertino, California.


"When you soar like an eagle, you attract the hunters." —Milton S. Gould

Dr. Hassan Abou Ghaida is a Lebanese national. He was born and raised in Dahieh, Lebanon. His ancestral hometown is el Khiam, South Lebanon. His father is Ibrahim Abou Ghaida, a gendarme.

علم منظمة "حزب الله" الإرهابية
Flag of the terrorist organization Hezbollah

Dr. Hassan Abou Ghaida is a member of Hezbollah. His specialties include propaganda and intelligence gathering. His activities include hunting for potential FBI Special Agents working undercover within the San Francisco Bay Area Shia community. When it comes to suspected U.S. Government infiltrators of Hezbollah, Dr. Abou Ghaida is a cold-blooded cut-throat. He takes no chances: Better safe than sorry!

Dr. Hassan Abou Ghaida and the convicted felon Rafic Labboun

Dr. Hassan Abou Ghaida operated in the Bay Area under the command and supervision of the convicted felon and senior Hezbollah cadre Rafic Labboun. Dr. Abou Ghaida is known to have submitted intelligence reports about U.S. citizens to Labboun and Mohamad Ali El Husseini. The latter is a mullah who specializes in undercover work.

إمام مركز سابا المجرم المدان رفيق لبّون
هداه الله

Dr. Hassan Abou Ghaida on the membership in Hezbollah

"Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac." —Henry Kissinger

When it comes to Hezbollah, Dr. Hassan Abou Ghaida is rather on the very zealot side, for he insists that membership in the exclusive terror organization absolutely guarantees an entry into the Heavens upon one's death. Dr. Abou Ghaida did not provide any logical proof to his assertion.

الدكتور حسن أبو غيدا
هداه الله
Dr. Hassan Abou Ghaida

This topic is highly subjective and people are indeed entitled to creating their personal logic and forming their own opinions. Sometimes, even very learned men and women with doctorate degrees from renowned American universities can fall victims to their own narcissism and/or to that of deceiving others. It is rather not difficult for the watchers of the Hezbollah circles to recognize that the members of the organization universally suffer from overly enlarged egos. This inherently self-destructive condition has caused them to fall deeply in love with their own selves. Hezbollah members are made to feel that the world is theirs alone. They consequently hate everyone else.

Such is the path of the power-blind; they have eyesight but they do lack foresight!

Dr. Hassan Abou Ghaida and Imam Mahdi, PBUH&HF

dem·a·gogue: a person, esp. an orator or political leader, who gains power and popularity by arousing the emotions, passions, and prejudices of the people.[5]

Dr. Hassan Abou Ghaida claimed that the Awaited Twelfth Imam al-Mahdi, PBUH&HF, had briefly emerged from his occultation in the summer of 2006 and participated in Hassan Nasrallah's July War against Israel. According to Dr. Abou Ghaida, an Israeli soldier was taking aim at a Hezbollah target with his rifle when Imam Mahdi, PBUH&HF, suddenly appeared on a white horse and very quickly severed the hand of the Israeli sniper with his holy sword, preventing him from firing his weapon.

Dr. Abou Ghaida claimed that the source of this bizarre story is the Israeli media. He further added that the Israeli press described the event without recognizing that the mounted holy figure is none other than Imam Mahdi, PBUH&HF. However, in the Hezbollah circles, the "holy warriors" immediately concluded that the figure on a horseback could only be the Twelfth Imam, temporarily emerging from his occultation to readily assist them and destroy their Jewish enemies.

In fact, during the 2006 Israel vs. Hezbollah war it was common for the Muslim observers to hear astonishing tails about supernatural figures materializing to support Hezbollah forces. When news first broke out about the terror organization's success in disabling and destroying numerous Israeli Merkava tanks, the persistent rumor of the Hezbollah propagandists was that giant angels were standing tall above the rolling green hills of South Lebanon and bombarding the Merkavas with meteors. When the dust of the war settled down, unfortunately, the holy flaming rocks turned out to be Russian man-made Kornet, Metis-M, and RPG-29 rockets.

الرئيس الأمريكي إبراهيم لنكولن
"You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time." —Abraham Lincoln (the 16th President of the United States of America)
U.S. President Abraham Lincoln (1809 - 1865)

Of course, Hassan Nasrallah and co. would have loved to have kept the excited masses fantasizing about colossal heavenly beings joining his forces. Alas, the fragments of the spent Russian missiles could not have been made to evaporate or dematerialize along with the fearsome pro-Hezbollah angels. Until the war had ended and the truth was revealed, people in places like Egypt and Jordan were driven into madness, traumatized for being deprived by their moderate pro-West Governments from participating in a "holy war" during which angels have left the high heavens and descended onto earth to take shots at the Israeli military... It's quite interesting to note that, at the time, the said celestial beings refrained from bombing the Merkavas operating inside Israel, opting to destroy Israeli tanks occupying Lebanese territory. Perhaps the angels recognize the State of Israel?! Or maybe they just abide by Hassan Nasrallah's rules of engagement!

روبوتات مكلفة شريا (عفوا، شرعيا)!
Hezbollah operatives are robots

Capable politicians, ideologues, and propagandists have a way with the minds of their bewitched mobs. No one has summed up the dynamics of the relationship between the mass mind manipulators and their willing victims better than the Imam Ali ibn Abi Taleb, PBUH. Inspired directly by God, the First Imam (Ali, PBUH) revealed that "People are three types: A scholar in the way of the Lord, a learned man seeking salvation, and riffraff mobs that croak with every croaker and drift with every wind ..."

Nowadays, in the Shia societies of the Middle East, South Asia, and elsewhere, the name of the wind is Velayat-e Faqih and the "riffraff mobs" are Khomeinists driven into frenzy by short video clips of Hezbollah fighters storming Israeli positions or destroying Merkava tanks in South Lebanon. To these brainwashed crowds, the entire history of warfare seems irrelevant or, in some cases, even non-existent. In their eyes, the fact that Hezbollah fighters were capable of raiding Israeli strongholds is the miracle of the age! It escapes the minds of these people that the resources of several great nations were poured into the tiny battlefield that is South Lebanon. Ultimately, the successes of Hezbollah are the results of combining, focusing, and applying the powers of Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Qatar, and many others[6] into a 328-square-mile "Security Zone" established by Israel inside Lebanon. It took Hezbollah, the Amal Movement[7], and numerous other participants in the liberation struggle more than 20 years to convince the Israeli Government that its occupation forces must withdraw. Iran plus Syria plus Lebanon plus twenty years to free 328 square miles?! Is this a miracle or is this a sham?

Dr. Hassan Abou Ghaida and SABA's "Peace" Walks

Dr. Hassan Aboud Ghaida participated in SABA Husayn Day "Peace" Walks on yearly basis. He usually brings his sons along with him.

خمينيو سابا
هداهم الله
The Khomeinist youths of Shia Association of Bay Area
The Summit of Deceit!

The Khomeinist young boys of Shia Association of Bay Area wearing Basij scarves, symbols of militancy and loyalty to the highly oppressive anti-America Iranian regime, during their so-called Husayn Day "Peace" Walk! Yet SABA calls its parades of militancy "Peace Walks!"

To learn more about these parades of deceit and mockery of the American public, please check out The Husayn Day Peace Walks of SABA Mosque.

Notes and references

  1. Hassan Abou Ghaida is also known as Hasan Abu Ghaida; a.k.a. Hassan Aboughaida; a.k.a. al-Hajj Hassan; a.k.a. Abu Ali.
  2. Judeophobia is suspicion of, hatred toward, or discrimination against Jews for reasons related to their Jewish faith.
  3. Hezbollah (Arabic: "حزب الله"; a.k.a. Hizbullah; a.k.a. Hizballah) is an international terrorist organization based in Lebanon. Hezbollah is a sectarian entity, which follows and promotes the Khomeinist version of Shia Islam. Hezbollah has operatives stationed throughout the world, including the United States and Europe. For more information, please see: What is Hezbollah?
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  6. Hezbollah is not a self-dependent fighting force. It is supported directly by the Governments of Iran, Syria, and Lebanon. Hezbollah also receives substantial donations from the global Islamic communities. Hezbollah is by no means the story of a David vs. Goliath. Iran alone has a population of more than 75 million people.
  7. The Amal Movement is a Syrian-controlled Lebanese Shia political party.

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