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Hassan Nasrallah

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No doubt, terrorist mullahs are liabilities to their communities!

صور السيد حسن نصرالله

Hassan Nasrallah in Pictures

Baby Hassouna!
"Nousso, nousso, orgha appah, Hassounah!!!! Wanna blow-up some body?!"

Written in the Stars: The future leader of Hezbollah and Master of Terrorism!

The student at the ''Hawza'' (the seminary)

'''إجتمع الشر في خيمة!'''
The Gang of Four in Arafat (near Mecca), Saudi Arabia, performing the Hajj: From left, Sheikh Abdul Karim Obeid (Arabic: الشيخ عبد الكريم عبيد), Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah (Arabic: السيّد حسن نصرالله), Sheikh Ragheb Harb (Arabic: الشيخ راغب حرب), and Sayyed Abbas al-Musawi (Arabic: السيّد عبّاس الموسوي). This is probably one of the very few rare instances in the history of Islam (both true and false) when the descendants of both Bani Hashem (Arabic: بني هاشم) and Bani Umayah (Arabic: بني أمية) are joined together under the same tent and with the same goals, for Mr. Nasrallah and the late Mr. al-Musawi are Hashemite Sayyeds while the late Mr. Harb is an Amawite (Arabic: أموي) and a direct descendant of Mu'aawiyah ibn Abi Sufyan (Arabic: معاوية بن أبي سفيان), who is cursed along with all Bani Umayah by the Shia whenever his name is invoked! Indeed, this evil gathering is a sign of the foretold End-Times fitnah (Arabic for strife. Arabic: فتنة).

The Sayyed performing the ablution (Arabic: وضوء). Faith starts with the purification of the heart from arrogance, greed, deception, and other ills before cleansing the skin.

Nasrallah, right, with his oldest son Hady (Arabic: هادي).

Nasrallah after the death of his oldest son Hady, who was killed while combating Israeli occupation forces in South Lebanon.

حسن نصرالله مع الجاسوس الفقيهي محمد علي الحسيني

Nasrallah, right, with undercover Hezbollah operative, Mohammad Ali El Husseini (Arabic: محمد علي الحسيني. AKA: Al-Busht).

Nasrallah in Tehran kissing the left hand of his lord and master ''grand ayatollah sayyed'' Ali Khamenei, the Vali e Faqih, self-appointed ''vice-Mahdi'', ''guide of the revolution'', ''master of the affairs of the Muslims'', and ''supreme leader of Iran'' (or, to sum it up, the ''shahenshah'').

Fat boy Hassan has gained a lot of weight!

Hassan "the Demagogue" Nasrallah!

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