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BAILOUT/ECONOMIC ABYSS: End Gov't Malfeasance, sign petition at - TANC: Trans-American Alliance for a National Consensus

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BAILOUT/ECONOMIC ABYSS: End Federal Government Malfeasance, sign petition at - TANC: Trans-American Alliance for a National Consensus (



A Call for “America’s Best & Brightest” to be Led by College Academics and Students as Catalysts of a Nonpartisan Legislative Consortium Inclusive of All Segments of American Society

LOS ANGELES, CA (November 2008) — In the midst of an ever-burgeoning domestic economic crisis and on the heels of the U.S. Government’s precedent-setting $700 billion-plus bailout of credit-lending/mortgage lending institutions, a grassroots “petition drive” is being launched for the establishment of the citizen-based legislative consortium, the Trans-American Alliance for a National Consensus (TANC). American-born or naturalized citizens from across the country are invited to sign the petition at, and can find about TANC at

Looking to enlist “America’s Best & Brightest” — with our nation’s leading college scholars and students serving as “catalysts” in soliciting feedback and “committee/townhall testimony” from private- and public-sector leaders across America — TANC’s over-arching mission to create an “Electorate Legislative Consortium” as a truly independent “checks-and-balances” and “watchdog” mechanism for crafting “consensus-based” federal legislative reform. Ultimately, the goals are to instill much-needed accountability, transparency and consistency from our federal government — specifically in the areas of domestic socio-economic legislative reform affecting Americans of all stripes.

“The best way to unravel and mitigate the corrosive ‘influence peddling’ of some less-than-publicly-minded lobbyists is by accomplishing ‘consensus-building’ TANC legislative reform spread across college campuses in all 50 states of our American union,” said Michael A. Freeman, TANC’s Executive Director and Co-Founder. “To break this long-standing, 40-year-plus pattern of partisanship, ideological avarice and gridlock coming from both sides of the political aisle, TANC’s mandate is help un-tether members of Congress and White House from the tentacles of special-interest political campaign contributions by working in collaboration with a body of ‘non-elected’ scholar ‘Counsels’ and student ‘Delegates’ dedicated to soliciting American’s entire electorate.”

To establish the underpinnings for TANC (also known as “The Alliance”), the California-based nonprofit 501(c)(4) “mutual benefit” organization has crafted a draft legislative bill titled the “National Alliance Renewal Act” (NARA). NARA lays out a detailed framework, specific language and proposed, largely “self-sustaining” revenue sources, and preliminary budgetary guidelines.

With NARA effectively serving as a “roadmap” toward a shared, electorate-based “Direct Democracy,” TANC is urgently seeking Congressional consideration and enactment of a 28th Amendment to the Constitution for establishment of TANC as a complementary but binding “fourth branch” of the federal government. The draft bill for NARA and other TANC presentational documents can be viewed and/or downloaded at

Initially, TANC is proposing that 3 to 5 percent of America’s 4,200-plus accredited universities and colleges could serve as the localized membership hubs for The Alliance. With the prospect of enlisting 120 to 240-plus universities throughout the 50 states (and outlying U.S. territories), TANC will regularly hold local/regional committee hearings and townhall-based meetings to solicit expert counsel and testimony from key public/private leaders and activists — all working together to author proposed “reform” legislative bills and enact them into federal law (followed by subsequent votes of passage by Congress and the President).

If either of the houses of Congress vote down a TANC-authored bill, or the President vetoes it outright, The Alliance will then have the option to call a “National Electorate Referendum” vote, which can attach the bill to regularly scheduled primary and general election calendars around the country. A majority of 51 percent or more of the popular U.S. vote in the affirmative would mean that the “consensus” TANC bill would automatically be enacted as federal legislation — where the federal government ultimately “accedes to the will of the people.”

“Over 24 countries around the world have benefited from various forms of ‘Direct Democracy’ in national electorate referendums and other ballot initiatives,” Mr. Freeman said. “Although there is no historical precedence for national ballot initiatives in the 220-plus years since the Constitution’s founding, every American has a right to begin petitioning for a greater say in how federal legislation is shaped in this country. American’s citizenry can take charge by eliminating this crippling, long-standing pattern of divisiveness and partisanship in Washington, D.C. It is time for Americans to take back their democracy.”

You can make a huge difference by mailing or emailing the attached copy of the TANC petition, a copy of NARA or any of our other Web-based documents by searching out your elected congressional/senate representatives at Letters to the President, Vice President and other members of executive branch-level cabinet departments can be sent to and The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500. (Please only use “pasted” text in emails to addresses because the White House will “bounce-back” emails with attached files.)

Please check TANC’s Web site,, and press releases for updates. If you have any inquiries, suggestions or thoughts, please share them with us at

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Press Contact:

Michael A. Freeman, Executive Director Email:


About Trans-American Alliance for a National Consensus (TANC):

Trans-American Alliance for a National Consensus (TANC), a California-based nonprofit organization, is dedicated to establishing a national “Electorate Legislative Branch” as part of a nonpartisan, college-backed consortium bringing together all key segments of society to author and enact “consensus” federal legislation. The primary mission of TANC — supported full-time by college students and scholars — is to act as a complementary, binding “fourth branch” arbiter between the established Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches of the U.S. government. To convene on a local, regional and national basis through a representational number of universities and colleges in the United States, TANC is empowered to bring badly-needed consistency, accountability and transparency to policy- and law-making from the federal government. Also referred to as The Alliance, the overriding goal is to establish TANC as a nonpartisan “ethical conscience of democracy,” effectively seeking to contradict or mitigate the influence some well-funded lobbyists, special interest groups and political action committees hold on politicians throughout the corridors of power in Washington, D.C. For more information, please visit us at