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BIRT With Postgres

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What license does Eclipse use?

Eclipse uses the Eclipse Public License (EPL). The EPL is a commercially friendly license that allows organizations to include Eclipse software in their commercial products, while at the same time asking those who create derivative works of EPL code to contribute back to the community. Hundreds of companies ship Eclipse based products. More information about the EPL can be found at Licensing FAQ.

Download the Postgres JDBC Driver

Configure the BIRT Data Source JDBC Driver

Once you have the JDBC Jar file(s) available and ready, execute the following steps:

  1. Right-click on Data Sources.
  2. Select JDBC Data Sources.
  3. Click on Manage Drivers and add the JDBC Jar file(s). Click OK when when done.
  4. Upon adding the JDBC Jar file(s), now you can select the Driver Class in the New JDBC Data Source Profile window.
  5. Enter the Driver URL:
    • For Postgres, it has the following syntax:
      • jdbc:postgresql:database
      • jdbc:postgresql://host/database
      • jdbc:postgresql://host:port/database
    • For more details on connecting to the PostgreSQL database via JDBC, visit:
  6. Enter the database User Name.
  7. Enter the database Password.

Now you are done, click Finish.

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