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The Women of Hezbollah

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No doubt, terrorist mullahs are liabilities to their communities!

حليبهن الحقد وطعامهن الكراهية!
نساء "حزب الله"
شفا الله قلوبهن السقيمة

Their milk is bitterness and their food is hatred!
The Women of Hezbollah
May God cure their ill hearts

A picture is said to be worth a thousand words. Very much true: The woman staring at the camera very much sums up Hezbollah: Symbolically and psychologically, Hezbollah is a woman, because the organization refers to itself as Ummat Hezbollah (Arabic for Nation of Hezbollah. Arabic: "أمّة "حزب الله). The Arabic word ummat is derived from umm, which is Arabic for mother (Arabic: أم). Hence, Hezbollah is actually a feminine "motherly" entity. But this outwardly "religious" and "devout" mother is deeply resentful and always angry and its faith is worldly and self-invented, not Lordly and authentic. Hence, she is misguided and leads her children (i.e., its followers) astray. She cannot give peace because she lacks it in her inner self. She nurses her newborns with bitterness and feeds them hatred, all in the name of God, the Lord of Mercy! Her antagonistic nature and addiction to bitterness lead her to seek more and more bloody wars so she can register additional Pyrrhic "victories," with which she can maintain her following. She is insensitive to pain and lacks empathy, hence she does not mind engaging in mass destructiveness and bullying. She was born in blood; she sustains herself with blood; and God willing, in blood she will expire. Indeed, bitterness is the acid that destroys its own container!

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