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Maqbool Ahmed Siraj

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Maqbool Ahmed Siraj (Arabic: مقبول أحمد سراج) is a renowned Indian journalist and editorial writer based in Bangalore, India.

The birth of Siraj

Maqbool Ahmed Siraj was born into the respected family of Mrs. and Mr. C. A. Mulla, in Bangalore, India.

The eduction of Siraj

Maqbool Ahmed Siraj attended the University of Madras, now Chennai, were he received a Bachelor of Science (Hons.) and a Master of Art in Mass Communication and Journalism. He also earned a Diploma in Public Relations.

The career of Siraj

Maqbool Ahmed Siraj is presently working as a journalist for BBC World Service in Karnataka, writing regularly for the English daily Deccan Herald Bangalore and several other magazines and journals. He also participates in various radio talks and TV shows.

Siraj started his career in journalism with the English daily Indian Express in Madras (now Chennai) in 1979. He worked for five years as correspondent for Arabia: The Islamic World Review, London (1982-1987), Afkar’s Inquiry, London (1987-88), set up and ran Feature And News Alliance, New Delhi (1988- 1996), Executive Editor, Meantime - the 10-day Newsmagazine, Bangalore (1996-2000), News Editor, Metro Today, English daily, Bangalore; as a correspondent for BBC World Service in Karnataka region of India frequently from 1996 till date, on editorial board of Islamic Voice, English monthly from Bangalore from January 1, 1987 till December 2008.

Siraj writes about numerous topics, including civilization issues, history, society and societal issues, economy and its humanization, and urbanization and industrialization with human face.

The other interests and activities of Siraj

Maqbool Ahmed Siraj interests and activities include religion and its relevance to life; society and development, with a particular focus on Islam; environment and ecology; education; culture; languages with particular focus on Urdu.

Siraj interest in Islam includes a quest for the common grounds of various religions for social reformation and development.

Maqbool Ahmed Siraj is also involved in social works, where he focuses on the betterment of society, particularly the new generation. Siraj provides guidance and counseling to students and helps them receive scholarships through various trusts in Bangalore and Delhi.

The organizational involvements of Siraj

Maqbool Ahmed Siraj serves on the boards of trustees of several Bangalore-based institutions, including Talent Promotion Trust, Danish Educational Trust, Millat Relief Trust, Lifeline Microcredit Society, Millat Management Society, and Ashiyana Boys Home. He also serves as an educational advisor for the Muslim Orphanage of Bangalore.

Contact information

Maqbool Ahmed Siraj can be reached in India at the following postal address:

19/1-Mosque Street, 3rd Cross, J.C. Nagar,
Bangalore - 560006

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