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Mohamad Ali El Husseini/Is Anglo-Saudi Sponsored Lebanese Countergang Behind Rocket Fire Into Israeli?

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No doubt, terrorist mullahs are liabilities to their communities!

Is Anglo-Saudi Sponsored Lebanese Countergang Behind Rocket Fire Into Israeli?

January 8, 2009 (LPAC)-- The fears that a third force would provoke Israel or give it the pretext to expand the Gaza offensive into a regional war, were made real on January 8, when a number of rockets fired from southern Lebanon hit Israel. The Lebanese Shia group Hizbullah denied any involvement in the attack.

A new Lebanese Shia countergang (openly opposed to Hizbullah) called Arabic Islamic Majlis of Lebanon, declared on Tuesday, January 7, the launching of a militant resistance group. And on January 8, the day of the launching of the rockets against Israel, its leader issued an alert for his troops to get ready to resist an invasion of Lebanon by Israel.

The Saudi-sponsored Lebanese Shia countergang to Hizbullah with offices only in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and London, claimed to have recruited 3000 resistance fighters against Israel.

The group called Arabic Islamic Majlis (with focus on Arabic to distinguish itself as its leader says from the Persian, pro-Iranian Hizbullah) is headed by one Ayatollah Alsayed Alhusseini, and was founded in October 2006 after the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in the summer of that year, when Hizbullah clearly defeated the Israeli army.

Alhusseini toured Europe and Britain, according to the group's website, to hold meetings with political personalities in London in February 2008. In a September 15, 2008 report posted on the website of Majlis, Alhusseini is featured in a picture standing in front of a banner stating in Arabic "thank you Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of goodness and humanity." The context of the photo is a letter sent by Alhusseini to Prince Nayef bin Sultan, Interior Minister of Saudi Arabia, for the great support he has given to the charities run by Majlis.

Prince Nayef is a generous donor to Lebanese Sunni groups. He was especially generous after the arrest of Saudi militants who had joined the Salafi group Fatah Al-Islam in fighting against the Lebanese army in the Palestinian refugee camp Nahrel Bared in northern Lebanon in May 2007. Nayef was negotiating the release and transfer of the Saudi terrorist to Saudi Arabia, which he managed successfully.

Al-Husseini is based in Sor and other southern Lebanese towns. A report in the Saudi-financed Al-Arabiya TV states today that Al-Husseinis group is recruiting 3000 resistance fighters, and that Alhusseini said that his group has received 1,500 applications from young people in the Gulf (i.e., Saudi Arabia) to join as fighters in his group. Alhusseini openly accuses Hizbollah's Hassan Nasrallah of being an Iranian agent not a Lebanese patriot.

The bank accounts of Majlis for donations are located at the Lebanese Canadian Bank in Beirut.

Alhusseini is allied with the Duruz sect in Lebanon whose leader, Walid Junbulat, has been calling openly for a U.S. war against Hizbullah, Syria and Iran. Alhusseini visited the religious leaders of Duruz in Al-Irfan Foundation, on January 7, the day he launched his armed resistance against Israel!

In May 16, 2006, Alhusseini sent a letter to the Maryam Rajavi, the leader of British-controlled, US-protected terrorist group Mujahideen-e-Khalg Organisation thanking her for her support in the face of Iranian provocations and harassment against his group in Lebanon. He called her Jihadist sister Maryam Rajavi, president-elect of the (Iranian) republic, who was elected by the Iranian resistance.

A London-based Iranian separatist group, the Arab Ahwazi movement, also propagate the political statements of the Majlis.

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