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Mohamad Ali El Husseini/Mohamad Ali El Husseini: Our Political Project

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No doubt, terrorist mullahs are liabilities to their communities!

Mohamad Ali El Husseini: Our Political Project

“Lebanon soil is united and it belongs to all its citizens” as per the stipulations of Al Taef agreement. As an integral part of the Lebanese composition, the Shi’a of Lebanon belong to this country and are only loyalty to Lebanon. We are proud to belong to Lebanon. We have choose to be Lebanese, to act as Lebanese, as our fathers and ancestors did since the birth of Shi’a on this Land.

Lebanon’s history proofs that from generation to generation, Shi’a’s leaders have always considered this land as a united country which belongs to all its citizens. This affiliation was first initiated by AL Sayed Ahmad El Husseini in Jbeil (Byblos) and in turn adopted all over the Lebanese territory by Sabri Hamadeh in the Bekaa, Baydoun in Beirut, Adel Ussayran in Zahrani, Youssef El Zein in Nabatieh, Kazem El Khalil in Tyr and Ahmad El Assad in Bint Jbeil. Our Lebanese belonging and loyalty were made clear by the disappeared Imam Mussa El Sadr. Lebanon is a country for all its citizens Christians, Shi’a, Sunna, Druze, Armenian, Kurds, Assyrian, as well as all other ethnics and confessions all of which should work hand in hand to preserve its sovereignty.

Following the legacy of Imam Al Sadr who disappeared, his successor Sheikh Mohammad Mehdi Chamseddine confirmed that Lebanon is a sovereign country, Arab in belonging and identity. Lebanese Shi’a are loyal to Lebanon from the top of the pyramid leaders to ordinary persons, therefore, any back stream movements must be prohibited and resumed by force.

This was our doctrine until the appearance of Hezbollah which began to circulate destructive ideas and subdivided the unity of Shi’a…

Given the blind loyalty of Hezbollah to the Fakih of Iran, all the movement followers owe religious, military and political obeisance to Iran and not to Lebanon or Arab countries.

Lebanon as an identity does not exist for Hezbollah, it is transformed into an Islamic country subjected to the Fakih’s governance.

Hezbollah has been endeavoring to deploy its aspirations, to detach all the other Shi’a from their Lebanese belonging and to make them abide to the orders of the Fakih in Iran.

Hezbollah succeeded to establish independent cantons in the southern suburbs, the Bekaa and Mount Amel in the South. It is a well organized movement that have its own institutions and amenities (army, information, special foreign relations, special telecom network, hospitals, scholls, centers, etc…) which turned these little nations within the nation into self sufficient ones.

By providing such services it aspired to make all the Shi’a of Lebanon subject to its orders…still its murky strategy was unveiled!

Shi’a are loyal to their country and will remain, therefore we will face any intruders aspiring discord or division between Lebanese and loudly proclaim our affiliation to Lebanon.

Lebanon is a united country Arab in belonging and identity and belonging to all its citizens. It can not be used to guarantee the interests of other nations. Therefore, We urge the Shi’a in Lebanon to stand in line with us to strengthen our country’s unity.

Following the legacy of our ancestors, we will endeavor to maintain stability in our country hand in hand with all our compatriots. To this end our political project is based on the following:

1- Work hard to resume the Shi’a right from its violators.

2- Confirm our loyalty to a democratic Lebanon, Arab in belonging and identity and promote it as such.

3- Affirm the democratic regime in Lebanon, protect and defend it.

4- Prevail our Lebanese patriotism; Endeavor to protect Lebanon and strengthen its institutions in order to build a powerful and efficient country.

5- Built a non discriminatory unifying relation with all Lebanese parties, ethnics and confessions.

6- Vehicle our ideology and political believes all round the world; Preserve our country as a sovereign, Democratic country, Arab in belonging and identity.

7- Prove that our Islam is based on peace, love, good human relations and cohabitation with all other categories.

8- Reaffirm the Arab belonging of Lebanon

Finally, we are open to all those who want to help rebuilding confidence between Lebanese and endeavor to unite all parties and co-live in peace.

The foregoing was our political project to better the life of Lebanese and make peace prevail in our country.

Long live to our sovereign and Democratic Lebanon! Long live an Arab Lebanon in belonging and identity!

Al Sayyed Mohammad Ali El Husseini Secretary General of the Islamic Arab Council – President of the Korba association

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