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Mohamad Ali El Husseini/New Resistance Group Conducts 1st Training Maneuvers in Lebanon

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No doubt, terrorist mullahs are liabilities to their communities!

New Resistance Group Conducts 1st Training Maneuvers in Lebanon

Beirut: The Arab Islamic Resistance, a new group rival of Hizbullah, revealed in a statement Sunday that it had conducted its first field training maneuvers in south and east Lebanon. The statement, carried by state-run National News Agency, said its fighters carried out field maneuvers that included military exercise as well as civil defense and first aid training.

Arab Islamic Resistance Secretary General Sayyed Mohammed Ali al-Husseini said his fighters "have advanced abilities that would surprise the Israeli enemy if it dared carry out any offensive on Lebanon."

Husseini said Thursday's Katyusha attack on Israel was a "clear message" to Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Defense Minister Ehud Barak that "you have to stop your ground assault on our people in Gaza."

"Next time rockets will be fired to kill," Husseini warned, adding that those who launched the Katyushas were "professionals."

He also warned against the continuation of the Israeli military operation on Gaza "which means the gates of hell are open to you."

"We do not assure anybody in Lebanon or outside Lebanon," Husseini said. "There are no guarantees that our Mujahideen will stand idly" by the shedding of blood in Gaza, he cautioned.

Husseini said the Arab Islamic Resistance's patience has run out, adding that the group would "carry out its duty to defend the nation."

Earlier this week, Husseini announced the launch of the Arab Islamic Resistance, which he said was aimed at confronting the enemies of Arabism.

Husseini, in an interview with al-Arabiya television network, said the group includes more than 3,000 "Mujahid from various military and development fields as well as the civil defense." Husseini said more than 1,500 men have requested membership in the group since the door for volunteering was opened.

He said the new resistance group "has number and equipment that would please both the friend and the brother and frighten the enemy."

Husseini vowed a "lot of surprises," particularly on the subject of weapons, uncovering what he called "Arabism rocket" which is made by the resistance. He described the invention as "distinct."

The statement said the group would be the "spearhead and in the frontlines to confront the enemies of Arabism … asserting that our resistance existed to defend the Arab world."

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