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Nabi Raza Abidi/Glossary

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No doubt, terrorist mullahs are liabilities to their communities!

  • A.k.a.: Also known as
  • AMU: Aligarh Muslim University of India
  • ameel or aameel: Arabic for agent (Arabic: عميل). Every Muslim who opposes Velayat-e Faqih is a aameel.
  • Amelite or Aamelite: One who is from Jabal Amel (Arabic: جبل عامل), a small area in the Levant located in the southern part of modern-day Lebanon.
  • CIA: Central Intelligence Agency
  • FBI: Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • The Great Revelation: is Ali ibn Abi Taleb, PBUH&HF, as revealed in the Quran in a Surah (Arabic for chapter. Arabic: سورة) named as such (Arabic: النباء العظيم).
  • Haidar: One of the names of Ali ibn Abi Taleb, PBUH&HF. It is Arabic for lion (Arabic: حيدر).
  • haram: Arabic for forbidden [by God] (Arabic: حرام)
  • insha'Allah: Arabic for God willing (Arabic: إنشاء الله)
  • masha'Allah: Arabic for may God's will be (Arabic: ما شاء الله)
  • NRA: Initials: Nabi Raza Abidi
  • NRM: Initials: Nabi Raza Mir
  • PBUH: Peace be upon him/her
  • PBUH-3: Peace be upon him, trice
  • PBUH&HF: Peace be upon him and his family
  • PBUT: Peace be upon them
  • Ph.D.: Doctor of Philosophy
  • Rahbar: Farsi (Persian) for "Leader of the Revolution." The post of Supreme Leader in the Islamic Republic of Iran.
  • Ramadan (or Ramadhan): (Arabic: رمضان) A holy lunar Islamic month during which Mulsims fast from dawn until sunset.
  • SABA: Shia Association of Bay Area, a pro-Velayat-e Faqih Islamic center based in San Jose, California.
  • SF*BASIC: The San Francisco Bay Area Shia Islamic Community: A News Site
  • VFR: Velayat-e Faqih Regime of Iran

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