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Reaction of Sirovica

Dijana Sirovica sent an email to the Islamic Counterterrorism Institute (ICI) in which she claimed that she is "NOT [a] leading Khomeinist activist." She added "you have totally twisted my creating youth events to be some kind of pro-Iran political stunt!"

Sirovica said "I do not support Hezbollah, I wanted to share one of the speeches written by [Hassan] Nasrallah [(the head of Hezbollah)] on a webpage, that doesnt make me a supporter of this army."

In a defensive statement Sirovica stated "I was very young and had just converted to Islam when I was creating youth events, they were for educational purposes only. I still only involve myself in education. I have no political ties and do not support them in any way."

Response of The Islamic Counterterrorism Institute

Miss Sirovica:

The Islamic Counterterrorism Institute (ICI), a web-based public awareness project by Arcs Business Solutions, LLC, does not define the identity of anyone. The subjects of our research and publications are influential activists and public figures who have defined themselves, including who they are and where they stand. They eagerly sought to influence others and they have religiopolitical agendas and track records. We have published what they have revealed about themselves.

It is up to you to define who you are. As you are a publisher, you can always publish where you stand on the issues of your interest. It is possible that your latest positions would get reflected (to a certain degree) in our publications.

Your involvement with any organization or adherence to any ideology is your business. However, when both you and the organizations you attend have sought to affect public opinion, we consider it our right to exercise our First Amendment constitutional rights and publish what we have learned about your activities and aims.

Bear on mind that up until May 8, 2013, when ICI received a legal notice from Internap Network Services Corporation (INSC) concerning an unfounded defamation complaint from you, there was nothing published about you.

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