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The Wake-up Yank

O Maulana "Big Hank,"[1]
Let's be very, very frank,
Your mama should give you a good spank,
For your speeches always clank,
Yes, they impress embittered mullahs of low rank,[2]
And get you checks on the blank,
True, it's good money in the bank,
This keeps your big beak a little dank,
And feeds your deep desires to be swank,
But your whole thing is a lousy prank!
Think not hating America is the only plank,
It's your own country you should thank,
Wake-up, be not Khamenei's slave on the far flank!
His sad mobs have already shrank,
His sodomite regime is getting lank,
It's not dead, yet it has already stank,
Don't wait until it has expired and sank,
Turn around and put your raging feelings on the brank,
It's your beautiful Columbia[3] that you ought to embank!

  1. Maulana "Big Hank" is the extremist imam Abdul Alim Musa.
  2. That is the embittered Khomeinist mullah Nabi Raza Mir (a.k.a. Nabi Raza Abidi)
  3. Columbia is the United States of America